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What's the Journey?

I've decided to share my journey in this way, not only for me but, hopefully to inspire others to get sober or to stay sober through all the struggles no matter what.

My 3 reasons why

That’s me! The goofiness and all and my son who is so uninterested 😂. He was worn out by the time this pic was taken. It was my birthday and a long day with family and he burns energy like a volcano burns molten rock. 

A literal quick nap fixes that problem. 

On the right with the long braids (I actually cut her hair because she wanted to learn how to wash and brush her hair and the weight and length made it hard – and It pissed a lot of people off that I did it 🤷‍♀️ as if hair won’t grow back) is my first born and on the left is my middle. My copy at least in behavior and mannerism as a child. Which scares the shit out of me. 😬

They are the reason I started this journey of sobriety. But, I won’t be talking about that on this page. This is a snippet of what this blog will offer you and myself because we are all selfish in one way or another (prove me wrong? LOL). If you want to hear more about this hot mess (ME!) Go check out the Who? Me! Page. 

Then pick a blog post to fix your eyes on and while you’re there leave your sober date and a tip that has helped you the most so someone else reading this can see and gain hope and/or courage from it. 

Jump into my interwebs spaceship and take this Journey with me! My main mission on this journey is a 2 fold mission. It’s honestly for selfish reasons. I like to write and writing is a way for me to get what’s inside that could boil up and over and cause unwanted stress. But, it’s also for the readers, the addicted, the thinker, the mother, the father, the brother, the sister, the spouse, on the fencers and however many more nouns or adjectives you can think of. 

On this journey I will share a multitude of stories, heck, I’m not going to lie, some of them might have repetitive things in them. But, if that happened it’s clearly going to intertwine with that story as well. 

I’ll share advice and sometimes links to books or videos that I think might be helpful. If you ever have anything that would be useful for others send me an email and I will share it on my next blog post with a shout-out to you! Or, you can simply make a comment about it. If needed I will also share sources if I write a post that you may want to verify or go look into deeper. 

Finally, if you want to get a little extra of my hot-messness then enter your email addy below and you’ll be on a special rocket ship to the train wreck express. 🤣 I’m sorry I can’t help myself. One day I’m a “normal” person and the next I am exuding my neurodivergent self with all the ADHD and mood swings.  If you have a topic you may want a different perspective on you can email me and if I know anything about it then I can make it a blog post. Until then see in the bloggy part. 

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