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4 Years and Counting

I’ve come to the road that I always hope I get to cross each year. And this year I did it again. 

I didn’t even realize that my sober date had passed until over a week later. 

Mom life! 

Homeschool, gymnastics, fun, and a little boy who thinks the world revolves around him. (Kind of does but damn 🤣)

Each year I post a post on Facebook not to toot my own horn but to show encouragement and share hope. 

If my writings can save one person from the depths of despair then I’ve accomplished a lot in my life because that person will go and do amazing things I’m sure. 

So, this blog post is for you or whomever you may share it with that is needing hope and encouragement. 


Even if you’re reading this and you’re not an addict and you’re shooting for something in life that maybe has you nervous or that you’re unsure about I want to tell you that you also have got this. 

You can do more than you know. 

As one of my Affirmations cards says: You are Stronger than You Know. 

Believe it and live it. 

When you fill like you’re at the end that’s just your mind playing tricks on you because your body is not wanting to go. Your inner mind has plenty more it can handle. You have to get your body to catch up to that fact. 

If you ever need anything I have an ear to share while the kids scream in the other. 😂🤷‍♀️


Stay weird 

See you on the next train wreck. 



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