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What To Expect (When You’re Reading)

Not when you’re pregnant silly 🤣

I’m all bassackwards because this post should’ve been the very first one. 

But if you’re reading this and you’ve read the others I want to say 


It’s uncomfortable and freeing to share so freely here in this ether sphere. My journey of being a mom, a creative,  a general hot mess, and a person who is neurodivergent-lee incapable of functioning well with “normal” people. Even medicated I still find most people boring, shallow, or fake. This is why I’m a homebody and would rather be around little to no people unless they are my kids. Even though I may complain about the life of a mom I also don’t want to be “away” from them in the sense of having sleep overs, camps, or day trips with any one other than their dad. Even so, those trips are good for an hour or so and then I’m bored or it’s the silence that I’m not used to. 😂🤷‍♀️.

Many of the above reasons are why I will be moving to the country within the next 10 years. 

Let this blog post be my manifestation piece to sew in the date so I have proof that I’ve said this and when. LOL 🤣

I’ll have a plan or an idea and then I don’t write it down and therefore it doesn’t happen. 

I’ve learned through my 37 long ass years of living that…


and setting all the deets down on paper is your sure-fire way of manifesting what it is you want. 

If you dream it without writing it down, believing it, and taking action towards it, then it’s just a dream and you never really wanted it. 

I’ve done this, the not writing anything down part, and expecting it to…


manifest itself. Like thinking about exercising, buying equipment, and cookbooks to eat better, and setting in the corner of your closet expecting something to happen simply because you “THOUGHT” about it. 

That’s me thinking about getting and staying sober and hoping that my power of thought ALONE will somehow make it true. 


If someone tries to tell you different then ask them what they’re selling. 

If thoughts were to magically manifest into reality it’s not be magic. It’s action, taken one step at a time, one day at a time. #ODAAT

Not one single person can say that thought are reality. If that were true there would be a lot of murderers out and about because I guarantee that 99% of the world has THOUGHT about killing someone. I’m sure you’ve also thought about throat-punching someone, or slapping and never did anything. 

Thoughts don’t create shit but space in your brain.



I think the point of this post was to say thanks for reading LOL. But of course like always I veer off topic but usually to a good veer off the route to see a cool scenic site. 🤷‍♀️🤣🤦🏽‍♀️

I hope after reading these discombobulated posts (sometimes) that you walk away with more courage to get what you want. If you’re needing that. If you’re not then I hope you get hope, love, laughs, and just a family-type environment (kind of) Some families are trash but know with me that when you adopt me as a family you will get a person who won’t judge you but will hold you accountable.

One of the things that has helped me with manifesting my life and getting what I want is a multitude of things. 

First, Journaling. I have a shit ton of journals, pads, and notebooks that I write in. I have some of th coolest journals. I’ll have to make a video one day to show off my collection. Some are still not written in. I have a vision of how I want a specific journal to be used and a few of them are just so cool I haven’t really figured out what they’re going to be for. 

I have yet to teach myself calligraphy. I have a journal that would be perfect for that. It has old paper in it. The thick hide-like paper they used thousands of years ago.  

Next, music, and then repeating the movie of the thing I want to manifest in my mind. I put all the “dreams” in a movie or reels format to see it in action. Doing this on a regular for just daily tasks is useful for my neurodivergent brain because my battery runs out super fast when I’m bored with what the task is. 

Got to work with what I have and my brain is a hot mess. 

The last thing I usually do is affirmations. I do it with my kids. Look in the mirror and affirm what you want to feel. 

I created an affirmations soul deck. You know when you’re getting your energy read or palms read they have the oracle cards that they shuffle? I have created a deck to help manifest all the feels we want.

Shuffle the deck and pick as many as you want to use for the day to affirm to yourself. 

Go take a look inside to see what I you’ll get. It’s to the side or under this post depending on where you’re looking from. Or you can just click this giant button. ⬇️

You know the drill. Drop them sober dates in the comments. While you’re there drop some manifestations tips if you have them for others to benefit from if they thought my tips were trash LOL 😂🤷‍♀️

Anyways. I love you guys and I hope to see you on the next hot mess train wreck. 

Stay Sober




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