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It’s 2022 and the economy is a dumpster fire.

(Before you leave thinking this is some political post stop judging 🤣 and read to the end. It helps me, maybe it could help you. Also, I am not grammatically correct in my typing as I try to write as a speak in real life. Don’t come for me grammar police) 


Has increased 9.1%, the most since 1981. Compared to this time last year it was 5.3%. 

WTF? 😠That is too fucking much. 

It’s causing harm across the country. Poor are getting poorer and have to rely on the government even more to survive. The middle class is getting knocked down a peg and will also need help from the government. 

And then you have the government sending billions of dollars to other countries. Ukraine received a few hundred million. I feel bad for Ukraine or anyone who has to be in a war zone. However, OUR Government is meant to help OUR PEOPLE. 

Flint is still an issue, now you have Jackson, Mississippi. And don’t feed into the emotional political bullshit the media pushes about race or party lines. It’s all to get an emotional response so we fight amongst each other which is what they want so you will use emotion to vote instead of logic. The even more horrible part is these government officials in those states knew it would happen but chose to ignore it. No money was sent to them but Ukraine got money quickly. How does that make sense? 

I’m not going to be sorry for wanting to help the people in my own country with the money the government gets from US. 

We could’ve started raising money from people and let them choose to help rather than being forced to. And they are being forced because they are using your hard-earned money which they then take taxes from. Anyways done venting. Let’s move on. 

You can increase people’s wages, it won’t matter because the price of EVERYTHING has gone up 9.1 fucking %. 

See how that makes no sense. 🤷‍♀️ Next, you have this “INFLATION REDUCTION ACT OF 2022” which says it will help families save money and reduce their bills. 

But, and that’s a Becky has a big ol’ butt, isn’t the whole truth. I share links below to go with this post for where I’ve gotten my information.  

The catch, you have to spend money to save money. For example; KIA has the cheapest electric car starting at around $20,000. Oh wow! That’s cheap compared to other regular cars.

Oh! But Wait. You have to have electricity to charge that car. So they offer solar panels at a reduced cost or a 30% tax credit. One more catch though, only if you live in certain states. Here are those states. New York, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Maryland, New Mexico, Colorado, Massachusetts, and Iowa.

All in the name of energy conservation and fossil fuel reduction. How do you think electricity is powered? Fairy Dust? 


Nothing will be changed if they try to make everyone get an electric car or solar panels. To store the back energy created by solar panels needs electricity too. Which doesn’t mean you won’t have an electric bill. 

The gist is this. Our government representatives got us into this dumpster fire. Americans are stretching out paychecks to survive and they want us to spend money to save money all in the name of “INFLATION”. 

FUCK OFF with that bullshit

Food, gas, and service-type businesses are raising their prices. 


I understand some business need to that’s a different topic. Insurance companies do not need to increase someones yearly or bi-yearly by 50%. I only know this because I’ve been with my insurance company for 20+years. When me and my agent get on the phone we’re chatty. My agent said that they’ve been getting a lot of quotes from people to jump ship from other companies because they got their bill raised by 50%. 



Car insurance is already a scam in my opinion. But that’s also another topic. But these companies are scamming and scheming in the name of inflation when they don’t need to. That’s immoral and unethical. 

I even got my bill reduced when I was recently on the phone with my agent. 

The greed in these corporations sickens me. 

The amount this bill costs us American Tax Payers is a whopping $737 million. 

This is why I always tell people that if you’re going to vote then you HAVE to vote not just in the Primary but the general and local elections. Do your research and don’t just vote for your party. Vote for who will align with your values and help the American people. Party should be irrelevant. You won’t find anyone who will align 100% with your values and views but you can find good and bad on both sides. Again research, research, research. Don’t follow your parents blindly, they could blindly be following what they were taught which could be wrong. You will only know by looking. 


If you were anything like me before I got sober then I just followed along with what my mom or dad believed and viewed. Then I got sober and clarity hit me and I started doing research on many things. Politics is one of those. If you say you don’t need to understand or learn then you’re mistaken because politics involves all of our lives. Even if you believe that it doesn’t matter if you do or not because it’s all rigged, imagine if it’s not. Imagine if you saw a little child on the road and didn’t do anything because you believed the mother would help. 


See how that doesn’t logically make sense. Even if the mom was there what if she wasn’t paying attention? If you are then you can and should do something. 


Get involved now. Pay attention now. I’m not telling you who to vote for I’m simply asking you to learn and be open to looking outside of what you think you believe.


There I said it for you🤣

Y’all didn’t come here for that kind of politics, you came to learn about the coin saver 3000. 

Don’t ask me why I chose that name LOL – 

I’m hopefully going to help you save some coins, even if it’s a little. A little goes a long way as they say. 

Y’all know I homeschool. If you’re new and didn’t know well, now you know.

We recently bought a house. 2 years ago – so IDK what your definition of “recently” means LOL

With the house and homeschooling, it’s not exactly cheap. To save some money I’ve been learning different areas of the house I can save money. Especially with cleaning products because they usually cause more harm and are more expensive and full of chemicals. 

Now with this inflation bullshit, it’s even more expensive. 

I’ve done those monthly shipping packages where you have to buy a certain amount and get it shipped every month. Honestly, those that claim “ALL NATURAL” or plant-based weren’t my fav. A few of them even made my kids cough. Some I felt didn’t clean anything or left residue on my clothes in the wash. 

Insert mom brain and ADHD hyper-focus and my willingness to research stuff, I’ve found some ways to reduce costs that are beneficial for my family and I want to share them with you and hopefully, they can be a benefit for your family as well. 

Here are the COIN SAVER 3000 tips. (LOL That name is funny)

One day I ran out of dryer sheets. I can’t stand clingy static clothes. SOOOOOOO annoying right? 

So, through my quick google search, and I’m talking less than 5 minutes lol I found out that vinegar can replace dryer sheets. Since I had already washed the load I added a damp cloth with vinegar on it. This is white distilled vinegar. I of course was worried about my clothes smelling like salt and vinegar chips.

Mmm, now I’m hungry. LOL

But to my surprise, they didn’t smell and they weren’t clingy. Another surprise was the lent trap. It was essentially empty. When usually it’s full. I’ve tried many different dryer sheets. Dryer balls were too expensive and couldn’t justify buying something expensive for drying my freaking laundry. I know you can make those at home too but just didn’t like the process. There were other things I looked into but they were chemical-filled “household” products. That was hell-to-the-no. 

I use vinegar already, mainly for cucumber and onion chill with a bit of pepper. 

Mmmm so good! Hungry again!

Anyways I started using the vinegar in the wash load. Just adding a few tablespoons of vinegar and it’s been amazing. No smell, no lent almost, and mo-money mo-money in my pocket from… 


Even if it’s only a few dollars a month. Those dollars add up and when you save on other things those will add up as well. 

I know some people may want more than just static-free clothes. If you want the smell good and fabric softener vibe then this is for you. 

I’ll compare just dryer sheets of the same amount and price and compare with the amount of homemade mix you can use for the laundry. 

Y’all! I did the math and I don’t like doing math. Not because I’m dumb I just don’t like math. Conversions, division, and fractions are for others, not me LOL. 

You better love me after LOL I did the work for those who hate math too. 

Here it goes. 

I’ve used just dryer sheets as a base for making you’re own with the added benefit of having a softener/smell good with barely any extra cost if any at all. I shop at Food Lion here in Virginia so prices may vary. 

I chose 3 different name brands; one I used myself was Bounce. 

And all 3 have the same amount of dryer sheets which is 80 sheets for congruency.

Bounce – $4.67

Snuggle – $3.69

Downy – $4.76

So, each sheet would be considered 80 loads give or take because some may use more than 1 unknowingly or just prefer to use more than 1.

I will create enough mix to equal the 80 loads. 

Cost of the ingredients are as follows

Baking Soda – Harm and Hammer  – .89₵ –  for 16oz

Vinegar – Food Lion Brand – $2.28 – 16oz

Apple Cider Vinegar – Bragg Brand – $3.49 16oz ( This will be used for something else so won’t be added as a price for softener/static sheets

You can add essential oils if you choose but that isn’t added to this cost either. 

At first, I only did the math for 5 cups, however, we will use 15 cups to match the 80 loads that the dryer sheets offer. 

I’ll share the broken-down math I used for 5 cups then just add the extra cups. 

For 5 cups you will need: 

Favorite Sealable jar

3 cups water

1-½ cups of White Distilled Vinegar

¼ – ½ cup of baking soda

We don’t want it pasty so add baking soda sparingly a little at a time. Use your judgment

Mix and add 5-10 drops of your fav essential oil or you can even add freshly squeezed lemon or orange juice or lavender. It’s really up to you. 

Bam, you’re done making your mix. Add the extra to make 15 cups of softener/static-free mix

The price for each item broken down is as follows:

16oz Vinegar is .04₵ per ounce and we used 10oz so that’s .40₵ for 5 cups

16oz Baking Soda is .06₵ per ounce and we used 4oz so that’s .24₵ for the 5 cups

For 5 cups it’s .64₵ and I will round up to .70₵ and that is without any smell good added in. 

We’re only going to be using just a few tablespoons per load and that will only cost .03₵ per load and .14₵ per cup and there are 5.3 loads per cup. That equals 27 loads for 5 cups. 

Now if we do 15 cups that price would be $2.10 for the entire mix which will give you 81 loads and that’s if you use 3 tablespoons. If you use 1-2 then you’d get more and also depends on load size. But you don’t need more than 3 tablespoons. 

Compared to the 3 I mentioned above the savings are as follows:

Bounce – Your savings – $2.59

Snuggle – Your Savings – $1.59

Downy – Your savings – $2.66

If you use more than 80 sheets a month then you will save more.

If you use just vinegar with the wash load then you will save almost all the price of dryer sheets and then if you buy fabric softener on the side that will also be extra savings. 

LOL – I think I deserve a tip or donations for all this math I’m doing (LOL) No, seriously feel free to donate to help keep this blog running for the behind-the-scenes cost of upkeep.

I know this is a small amount but as I said, A little goes a long way. If you add that up each month along with everything you can find to save on would be money for your pocket for things outside of bills. 

Lastly, we have the “All Purpose Spray” 

I literally just use Apple Cider Vinegar and water. You can do half and half. I tend to do more vinegar than water. I’ve used this mix on everything in my house. Wood, tile, stove, and more. My ENTIRE house y’all. 

You can add some smell good to that as well. I don’t and the smell doesn’t last long. 

The reason I started changing everything was not only to save money but because even the “plant-based – chemical-free” stuff made my kids cough all the time. Nothing felt clean and I felt like my food was being contaminated if it fell on the table while eating and then I pick up to eat it. Eww 🤮gross.

Also, my son has sprayed himself in the face a couple of times and that’s scary. He can spray himself with this and it won’t matter. He won’t like it though. 🤣

Below, I’ll share some resources that go with the information I shared at the beginning of this post about inflation and I’ll share links for and against Vinegar as a health and household cleaner. 

You can make your best judgment based on those findings. 

Ask a doctor before trying any of this especially if you’re using it for any health reasons. Some medications may not mix well with vinegar. Do your due diligence. Don’t accept a yes or no from your doctor either. Have them give you reasons for their yes or no. Don’t blindly believe because they have the title of doctor. GO with questions if you will feel better. 

Here are some articles that are FOR using Vinegar. There are a bunch of different beneficial uses you can find in these articles.

This has 3 different takes so this could also be used as both for and against. 

Here is an excellent link you can use to understand where specific words come from. This is Vinegar and links within will take you to other parts of the prefix and suffix of the word. Check it out.

Against Vinegar which I only am using 1 since the one above can be used both FOR and AGAINST

Here are the links for the inflation information:

Let me know what you use if you do or if you already use it how you like it compared to what you can buy at the store or those monthly boxing subscription places. I didn’t like any of them. 1st they were EXPENSIVE as fuck and 2nd the “chemical free” wasn’t chemical free along with making my kids cough. 

One more thing. Get a steam mop to replace a regular mop. It does a better job. I use Shark. No link go google it. LOL

That was long but hopefully informative. Sign up for the emaily list and share and comment on what you use if it’s something different. 

Drop them sober dates too. 

All aboard the hot mess express. See you on the next journey. 

See you on the next train wreck.



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