Coin Saver 3000

Coin Saver 3000

Inflation sucks save your money at home with these coin saver tips and help keep your home ALL NATURAL. Try it out

4 Years and Counting

4 years and counting sober

4 years sober and counting is a blessing and those with just 1 day or 30 days is also a blessing and know that you’re amazing.

Get Sober – It’s Worth it

Get Sober! It's Worth It! blog post picture

Getting sober is worth it. Do you have a reason and a big WHY for staying that way too? If not then read this. It might just be what you need

Some days I want to cry

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Facebook Instagram Tiktok Some Days I Just Want To Cry “A dream not acted upon is just a dream” ~Denzel Washington Having 3 kids and being a stay-at-home momma who also homeschools is the hardest job of all.  Before the keyboard warriors come, I love it and I wouldn’t change it. You vent about your […]