I”ve been on a sober journey for 4 years and have been on a rollercoaster ride of sharing my journey. I initially started as soon as I made the choice to get sober and then as time progressed and I’m not talking a short amount of time, I’m talking about 3 years. My mental just got worse and worse and I was against or had these belief’s that made isolate myself even more from getting myself help. I prayed and prayed and one day I eventually decided to go see a doctor and start therapy. Through that therapy I saw a psychiatrist and learned some things that i had to sit and ruminate with because I wanted to believe that I was a magical unicorn and that by eliminating alcohol and drugs and bad food that I would be magically healed like all the gurus and foodies and endless shamers said would happen if i just “followed” their advice. But none of that was true for me and it isn’t true for many other people. But if you don’t fall into this circle fo what they believe to be fact and truth based on their own biased stance and unwillingness to accept that they could be wrong that what may be true for one or a specific group may not be true and right for another. THere is no one size fits all health plan for everyone. 

You may be able to drink milk and not have a reaction but it doesn’t mean that I’m ok to drink milk and not have a reaction. 

You may feel your best on an all vegan diet and I might feel like death warmed over. 

This journey is going to share all this shame i’ve felt for getting medicated and being a mom and trying to find myself in this jumbled mess we call life. 

It’s a journey that’s been paved, and is still being paved and weeded because I will be on this journey my ENTIRE life. 

I hope to share this with others not only for my own selfish needs of wanting to process my own thoughts, but to also hopefully help someone get off the ledge or to even get curious on how their life could be if they chose sobriety. 

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