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This was supposed to be an ABOUT ME page but it turned into a little bit more than that. LOL! ADHD it’s the ADHD 🤷‍♀️

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**Who? Me! is slightly about me but it’s also sprinkled with inspiration and information about addiction and some history of the pharmaceuticals relationship to it.** Links below for your review


I’m typing a bomb ass story – WINK WINK – (probably not) So, just give this mom brain a minute while I screw some pieces back together, from being a parent of 3 small children and staying sober through it all. 


But totally worth it. If you’re a mom and you also struggle with the sobriety thing while momming and have a sensory issue to just about EVERYTHING, and are super easily bored by silly sometimes stupid (but sometimes very smart and thought provoking) kid questions, that get asked 2 million and 4 times over and over and over, and this is the song that doesn’t end, yes it goes on and on my friends, some people started singing it not knowing what it was and they’ll continue singing it forever just because, this is the song doesn’t end. 

Those who know, KNOW! Just Sayin’. I’m sorry if you now have that stuck in your head all day along with Lamb Chops image. 🤣🤣🤣 Just kidding, I’m not sorry. I love my kids though and that’s serious and one result of having them is, they bring so much enlightenment to my day! Perspective! They’re funny, very intelligent, creative, FULL OF ENERGY 24-7…


But come on, who relates to some of the dumb questions? I mean, I let it go if it’s not the 4 millionth time they’ve asked because I want them to stay curious and always learning. BUT…

Nonetheless, drop them sober dates below and I’ll add something more than just me complaining/Venting (?) (Is that the same? Share your thoughts below) about being a sober mom or just momming in general.

I probably have an unpopular opinion, staying in recovery and being a mom with mental health issues, it is harder than all ya’ll “regular” moms who don’t suffer from any of the brain issues believe. 

Before the keyboard warriors come for me with, “But you chose to be an addict” bullshit, I want you to think real hard for one second on your ridiculous belief.  Imagine a child who was given drugs or alcohol at a young age, or a victim of abuse or sex trafficking, did they have a choice? Do you think they said, “ya know what, this is a bad idea and I should just give this up”? No! What about all the people that had it really rough during the covid pandemic? A doctor prescribed anti-anxiety pills instead of therapy first, and they got hooked on that and that wouldn’t, in my opinion, be of their own decision. The doctor would be at fault for putting a band-aid over a wound that needs internal healing, not a band-aid that will fall off. 

Do your research on OxyContin and the pharmaceutical companies and small towns that trickled down into larger cities. Then, also do research on CIA and other governments using drugs as a means to control and make money with cartels. You’ll either be surprised or not shocked at all. Below I’ve added some links you can check out. I want to provide what I believe to be facts to back up my claims on addiction and being and staying sober. 

When something takes a hold of certain receptors in your brain and you then try and take away those “drugs”  from those receptors that have become accustomed to being overwhelmed with the specific drug and feelings, the result is either death or severe excruciating pain, and then add in the fact that environment does have a big part in someone getting and staying sober. Yeah, total choice. OK! 🙄 choice is an illusion. Choice is persuasion to follow someone or something else and choose as they do or are forced to do something outside of your own free will. Such as; rape, kidnapping, and murder to name a few. 

Now! Look at yourself. Do you have any addictions? Maybe not drugs or alcohol but, sugar, overeating, self cycle of mental abuse, bulimia, anexoria, TV, porn, Gambling and so on. Now, if it was stripped away from you it would be hard but, not as physically excruciating as someone detoxing from heroin or alcohol, which can kill you if stopped cold turkey, but it would be hard to stay “clean” from your drug of choice if you’re around porn, TV, Casino, and not actively seeking therapy for any cognitive issues that can be created by your lack of spotlight on fixing the problem. 

Do you see how your beliefs about addiction are skewed? It’s the vision that’s been perpetuated in society which is usually homeless people, poor people, and misfits. 

Addiction doesn’t discriminate!!!!

There are active users in every facet of life. Senate, Congress, Executive Branch, Local, STATE, CEO, content creator, mom, dad, and so on.

Hopefully, by reading this your perspective has changed. Let me know what your perspective is. I love an open dialogue. 

Anyways, back to what I was talking about which was my kids.

The main thing is LOVE they share LOVE always. Even if they’re mad or sad. They always want a hug, and sometimes I don’t, ya know, the whole sensory thing, but I always give them regardless. They didn’t ask to be here so I am going to make sure they know I love them. 

You should love YOU and not hold on to this shame society wants you to hold onto for your past. No matter what it is. I’m not talking to just drug addicts.


Don’t worry about those people who try and decide WHO YOU ARE by bringing up your past. If we did this to everyone no one would be seen in a positive light. Why? Because everyone has different views on what’s right, wrong, good, and bad. BE YOU!

My Sober Date is....

August 4, 2018 Sober Date

A while ago I wrote a story about how this decision changed the ENTIRE trajectory of my life. I will share that as a blog post instead of here in the Who? Me! Section because that would make this page longer 😂 and IDK if ya’ll made it this far. LOL But congratulations if you did. You’re a true finisher. 🤣 (FINISH HER – Mortal Kombat reference 😂🤷‍♀️

You can read it here —->⤵️

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Here are some links to read for the history of OxyContin and Pharmaceuticals’

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If you have history channel or browse the article and it will give you the jist of how the drugs and government are connected